Carbon is an element known in widely varied forms , from diamond, white, transparent and extremely hard to graphite which is black, opaque and relatively soft. Of more than 300,000 known compounds, 90% of them contain carbon. Carbon possesses many interesting and valuable properties and can be used in totally different applications. Examples of distinctive carbon properties are good electrical conductivity, high thermal shock resistance, excellent chemical resistance, self-lubrication etc.

These highly valuable and useful properties of carbon make carbon suitable for being used in high temperature, highly corrosive environments as well as in applications that need its self-lubrication property. Thai Carbon & Graphite provides a comprehensive range of products used in different applications including:

Carbon division products are both produced from our own facilities and imported from highly reliable and well-established carbon companies including Morgan Advanced Materials UK (Morganite UK), Morgan Advanced Materials USA (National) and Tokai Carbon Japan. Besides, we highly focus on quality control and laboratory activities and have long invested in facilities development as well as expertise development in these areas.

All of carbon division processes and systems are complied with ISO9001: 2008 standard and we have continued to develop our processes as well as our products to serve the growing demand in different industries.